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Renewable resources

Compared with the use of original resources, renewable resources can save a lot of energy, water and production materials, reduce production costs and environmental pollution. At the same time, mineral resources are non-renewable characteristics, which determines the recycling of renewable resources has inestimable value.

1.Industrial development is big potential. According to incomplete statistics, renewable resources can be recycled nearly 100 million tons in China every year. That worth more than RMB 200 billion, of which more than 40 million tons of scrap steel, 30 million tons of waste paper, 5 million tons non-ferrous, 6 million tons waste plastics, 50 million tons tires, other materials are more than 10 million tons. In addition, China imported various types of renewable resources more than 20 million tons. If adding industrial and mining self-use of waste, recycling of renewable resources reach RMB 400 million in China every year.

2.Providing job opportunities. According to statistics in 2002, there are more than 5000 recycling companies, recycling stations are 160000 (non-registered or temporary recycling points has nearly 400,000), recycling processing plants are more than 3000, employing 1.4 million people. If migrant workers included in the city, the current recycling of waste materials industry has nearly 10 million employees.

3.Big contribution for Social economic development. Recycling renewable resources, not only has good economic value, but also has considerable social and environmental benefits. Only the “Ninth Five-Year Plan” period of five years, cumulative recycling of waste steel 160 million tons and 40 million tons of waste paper in China, equivalent to 320 million tons of iron ore, 65 million tons of standard coal, 120 million cubic meters of wood, 2.4 million kw of electricity, 24 billion cubic meters of water. More important is to save a lot of landfill due to garbage and occupy value land resources, reducing the pollution of the atmosphere.