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Soil repair

The purpose of plant restoration is used physical, chemical and biological methods to transfer, absorb, degrade and transform contaminants in the soil, reduce its concentration to an acceptable level or convert toxic and harmful contaminants into harmless substances. According to the soil test report, the selection and design of plant remediation technology were carried out from six aspects: target pollutant, soil type, technology maturity, treatment cost, pollutant removal rate and repair time, then making a repair plan to repair the plant.

Mineralized waste landfilled after many years, most organic matter has been fully degraded, after certain screened, to get rich organic matter and a variety of elements humus soil. Mineralized waste can be widely used in farm, forest and damaged soil improve and repair. However, in the course of application should be fully taken into account mineralization of organic and nutrients, as well as the harmful heavy metal content, according to local conditions, maximum use mineralized resources.