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  • Drum Screen The drum screen uses in municipal solid waste disposal system, sorts out different size of material, to achieve the purpose of comprehensive sorting. According to the requirements of different processing capacity, to design and tailor drum screens for customers. The drum screen has powerful sorting ability, cost effective cost, strong adaptability, screen plates replacement convenient and easy to maintain.

    model: TC-GTS18 TC-GTS21 TC-GTS24.5 TC-GTS300

  • Disc Screen The disc screen is screening equipment which is mainly used for sieving MSW composting material, it can also be used in the pre-sorting comprehensive treatment. Using the disc screen can sort out materials such as construction waste, industrial waste, glass, sand mud, ash, paper and paperboard. That performance is high efficiency, and good sorting effect.

    model: TC-YPS-45 TC-YPS-10

  • Star Screen The star screen is specially used for the decomposition of organic substances. The equipment can screen out plastic bags, paper, small plastic and glassbottles. The star screen’s drive shaft adopts star-shaped sieves, which not only improves the assembling efficiency, but also reduce laboring intensity.

    model: TC-XZS-20

  • Auger Screen This equipment is one of the screening equipment according to particle size. It is mainly used for the separation of large materials. It is widely used in various industries, such as domestic waste treatment, construction waste treatment, industrial waste treatment, etc. This equipment is specially provided by CP Group, our American partner.