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  • Belt Conveyor The belt conveyor is widely used in municipal solid waste transportation system, which is widely used equipments at garbage disposal production lines. With a large amount of delivery, it is easy to install and remove, running speed is high and efficiency with safe. When...

    model: TC-BD140 TC-BD120 TC-BD080 TC-BD065 TC-U140

  • Large Angle Conveyor Motor, reducer and brake device three in one device structure. Whole structure is compact, reliable performance, light and easy to maintain Strong friction, large transmission torque and anti-skid. Shock absorber with impact resistance and small vibration, Rollers...

    model: TC-U140

  • Screw Conveyor Low cost, simple operation, mechanized treatment of residue and low laboring 60% dehydration capacity, high quality dehydration machinery before drying material...

    model: Customization

  • Plate Conveyor The plate conveyor is a light weight plate conveyor, specially designed for large angle conveyor.

    model: TC-BD140 TC-BD120 TC-BD080 TC-BD065